What are EagleBucks?   To Top
  • An EagleBucks account is a prepaid stored value account associated with your AU One Card. All American University students, faculty and staff have an EagleBucks account. 


What are the advantages to using EagleBucks?
  • Whether you are a student, staff, or faculty member, EagleBucks remain on your account until you leave AU.
  • EagleBucks don't "expire". They stay with you through your time at American University. 
  • EagleBucks might introduce you to new places to dine off-campus places you may not have known about!  

How can I add funds to my EagleBucks account?

  • You may add EagleBucks to your account at EagleBucks.com, at any Add Value station located around campus, or in person at the One Card & Dining Programs office.

How can my parents add funds to my EagleBucks account?

  • Anyone can add funds to your EagleBucks account by visiting EagleBucks.com and clicking the 'Guest Deposit' link on the right hand side of the page. A guest will need your first and last name, as well as your AU One Card number in order to add funds to your account.

Where can I use my EagleBucks at?

  • You can use your EagleBucks at a variety of locations on and off-campus. Please visit the EagleBucks Merchants page to view all of the current EagleBucks merchants.

Can I get a cash refund for all or part of the balance on my EagleBucks account?

  • Cash withdrawals from a student’s EagleBucks account are not permitted at any time. Refunds are only processed upon separation (graduation, transfer, withdrawal) from American University. To request a refund of your EagleBucks account balance please email eaglebucks@american.edu.
  • Upon receiving your request, the One Card & Dining Programs office will confirm your graduation/separation status, deactivate your EagleBucks account, and inform AU Central (Student Accounts) of the amount you should be refunded. Please know, if you have any owed balance on your student account this refund will be applied to that owed balance first. If you do not have any owed balance, AU Central will send the refund via direct deposit if you already have one set-up with the University. In the case that you do not have direct deposit, AU Central will send a refund check to your home address on file. If you have any concerns about this address, please contact AU Central directly by emailing aucentral@american.edu or by calling 202-885-8000. 

Important Note: One Card & Dining Programs cannot begin the refund process until your student account has been updated to reflect your graduation/separation status. Student accounts are traditionally updated by AU Central within 3-4 weeks of a status change. Additionally, our office receives a lot of refund requests at the conclusion of each academic semester, especially the end of the Spring semester. Please allow for additional processing time during these high traffic periods. We appreciate your patience! 

Are Print/Copy funds and EagleBucks the same thing?

  • Print/Copy funds and EagleBucks are two separate accounts associated with your AU One Card. Every semester each enrolled AU student is given a Print/Copy fund allotment, good for printing at computer labs on campus or for printing and copying at Bender Library. The printing hardware on campus has been programmed so that when a student has depleted his/her Print/Copy fund balance all subsequent printing jobs will be paid for by the student’s regular EagleBucks account. A Print/Copy fund allotment is not negotiable for any goods or services other than printing at campus computer labs or copying at Bender Library. All Print/Copy fund allotments are cleared prior to the beginning of a new semester. No Print/Copy funds are allotted for the summer semester.

Can I use EagleBucks for ordering food for delivery over the telephone?

  •  Yes! Any off-campus merchant that accepts EagleBucks can manually type your AU One Card number into their card reader when you order your food. You can also add a tip with EagleBucks. The merchant’s delivery staff should verify your identity by asking to see your AU One Card prior to completing the delivery. If a merchant does not verify your identity, please send an email to the EagleBucks team so that we can ensure the security of our students’ and staff members’ information. Prior to accepting a delivery you should check your receipt to confirm that the correct amount has been charged to your EagleBucks account.